This glass was produced between 1951 and 1981. Over this period, many variations would appear. Some rare, some very common. Knowing the difference can make a big difference to your collection. Both books include a scarcity guide, making identification of the desirable items easier. 

Green Leaves No12
The twelfth Green Leaves pattern and probably the last one in the series.
© Stuart Summers
Chanciest Chance tray
A standard 5x4-in tray, with the most obvious hint as to who made it!
Boxed set of Card Trays, 1955
The boxed set dates these to 1955. The trays originally came in clear and opal-flashed glass. Opal-flashed ones date from 1957, and those with a white sprayed back came later.
Comparison of Calypto lids
A comparison of two Calypto lids. Note that the pattern is reversed from one to the other. Left is Deffa printed; right is silk-screened.
© Stuart Summers
Calypto on a Kidney Dish
Quite a scarce shape, and difficult to produce, the Kidney shape was only made from 1969 for a couple of years.
Courtesy Chris Sambrook.
Silhouette tumbler
Another scarce item: a tumbler with the Silhouette pattern. See CA p.53
Courtesy Stuart Summers
Greco Tray
Ruby-flashed deep tray decorated in the Greco pattern, customised to include the 'Hi-Dri' logo.
Golden Lagoon bowl
Golden Lagoon – another desirable pattern, but this time silk-screen printed onto a large bowl.
Summer on covered bowl
Although Summer is one of the least collectable patterns, covered bowls in any pattern are always in demand
Daisy candle holder
Again, Daisy is not particularly collectable, but the small boat shape including the centrally fitted candle holder is rare.
Willow plate
Incredibly rare pattern and probably one of just a few made. The date of manufacture is unknown, but was probably c.1980.
Fiesta Stars, blue-flashed
The Stars pattern is very rare and was only previously seen on ruby-flashed glass. This large plate is printed gold on blue-flashed glass.
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