Flora by Crystalware

The Flora range was produced from about 1950 to 1953. It was designed by Dr. J Muller for his Crystalware company, so was a commission for Chance. Sadly, Crystalware had financial problems and it appears that Chance may have made the remaining pieces in a simplified form.

Flora biscuit barrel
An actual biscuit barrel as shown in the 1950 advert (p30 CE). Quite an intriguing design with the side and lid handles forming an arc
Flora biscuit barrel
From a different angle, with the lid removed.
Flora Blue Biscuit Barrel
This barrel is identical to the clear one but Chance had refused to produce it in colour. Were they persuaded by Mueller or did another glassmaker produce this?
©Stuart Summers
Flora Blue Biscuit Barrel
From a different angle, with the lid removed
©Stuart Summers
Flora Creamers
A comparison between the footed and plain creamer. The plain creamer appears to have been made later, after Chance disassociated itself from Dr J H Muller (p30,31 CA)
Flora footed sugar bowl & Creamer
A matched set of the footed sugar and creamer
Flora 10in vase
A large and substantial piece of glassware, the Flora 10-in high vase was octagonal and weighed just over 1kg.
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