Not A Chance

The title says it all. This is all the other slumped glassware from around the world – mainly continental – that is definitely not by Chance Brothers.

The White Goose
A new Dutch company called 'The White Goose' has been realised since this tray was found. The decoration is quite thick and applied to the top.
The White Goose, label
A close-up of the label. Anotehr item in Chance Additions, shown on p.111, are also believed to be the same company: the diamond pattern and the deep textured plate. TWG also made the large slumped lightshades.
Phoenix Tumbler
Quite reminiscent of the Orlak tumbler, with the wave-ribbed optics, which preceded this model although the metal frame is quite different.
Courtesy Stuart Summers
Phoenix Tumbler, base
The acid-etched mark on the Phoenix tumbler.
Courtesy Stuart Summers
Dutch tray, Greco border
The emblem points to a continental manufacture. Features a Greco border, that was popular with Chance in the 1950s, but copied elsewhere.
Filigran label
This label was used by Heye Filigran GmbH in Germany This helps identify other pieces with a similar, or the same pattern.
Light shade with a continental light fitting. A similarly decorated shade has a label 'The White Goose', so this Dutch company is probably the maker.
Courtesy Patricia Coccoris
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