Other Promo Ware

Here are advertising and promotional trays that are either not by Chance or a certain level of uncertainty exists.

Royal Observatory olive tray
'Olive' tray measuring 8½x3¼-in. This width would appear to preclude Chance and Durographic (3½-in wide) so possibly Webb.
Barnham & Bailey tray
A large tray (17.5x12.5cm) with square corners and flared at the top. Made for the Ringling and Barnum & Bailey 'Circus World' and copyrighted in 1973. Unknown maker, possibly US.
Dutch Sophia-Jacoba tray
11.5x8.5cm tray made for a Dutch coal mine, which produced 'Eierbriketten' (egg bricks, or coke). Originally a German mine in Aachen, it was taken over (Dutch) in 1973 and this tray dates thereafter.
Carnaby Street tray
Quite a few trays in this series exist. Produced for the Fulltrack company. Sized 6½x3¼-in indicates it was probably not by Chance or Durographic, but could have been Webb. The 01- STD code for London shows a production date prior to 1990.
Churchills Club, 1950s
Evocative of the 1950s, as a London-based club, this tray might have been made by Webb Crystal Ltd.
Dubonnet tray
Unknown maker
Institute of Fuel, 1977
1977 tray, celebrating the Golden Jubilee
Fred Olsen olive tray
The olive tray was another popular shape for promotional goods.
Schweppes tray in gilt
Gilt printed trays were a more expensive product. This is for the popular Schweppes fizzy drink brand
Warwicks Stout
An attractive tray from c.1960
Frosts (Sweden) tray
Inscribed Böhlmark & Co., a Swedish company apparently advertising the Frosts brand
Frosts (Sweden) tray
<< Close up of Frosts tray
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