Pressed Glass

Pressed glass from Chance Brothers came in many forms. Much of its output was domestic glassware, but it also sold many items to the pub trade in the shape of beer glasses and ashtrays.

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Orlak, 1929–1933
Pressed glass oven-to-tableware, produced to compete against Pyrex. Was sold to Joblings and another competitor (Phoenix) took the place of Orlak.
Spiderweb, 1934–1953
Chance Brothers' most successful pressed glass design, by Robert Goodden. Was made in coloured glass before 1939, then clear until 1950, then enamelled thereafter.
Lotus, 1948–1953
The plain, modernist appearance of Lotus was not wholly successful and later adaptations with coloured bands, and (rarely seen) fluted and/or flanged rims did not meet with success either.
Waverley, 1949–53
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Waverley was another high-quality pressed glass range. Some bowls will have the 'Chance' logo embossed on the inside. Found in clear and enamelled colours
Britannia, 1949–1953
Reverting to more traditional patterns, Britannia was an immediate hit with the buying public. Britannia came in the widest selection of shapes and sized.
Flora, 1950–1953
Flora was produced exclusively for Crystalware, but financial difficultes of this company caused Chance to take over production and sales of this range
Lancer, 1950–1953
Lancer was the basis of the successful tankard range and can be found decorated in many ways. A traditional tankard, it was also adopted by breweries
Gossamer, 1951–1953
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Gossamer did not appear to have the best mouldings, probably due to the complex design.
Cato, 1952
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Cato was the last pressed domestic glassware range and was not in production for long, hence the scarcity of some pieces. However, it can be found in a wide range of decorations.
Ashtrays & Smoking
The Wills range of ashtrays are most prolific, but Chance also produced customised versions of other models. The Art Deco range designed by Robert Goodden are very collectable.
Royal & Commemorative
This section includes all the pressed glass items that were made specifically for commemoration, such as the 1953 Coronation.
Other Pressed Glass
Any other items that do not fit easily into a category are shown here.
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