Promotional Ware

From the very first year in which Fiestaware was produced, it was offering a customised service to enable companies and organisation to help promote their products. Later, even smaller institutions could take advantage of the minimum order quantity of 250 units. All these listed here are either positively made by Chance, or strongly suspected.

Boxed set of car trays
Not commonly seen as a boxed set, and even less so when they are customised for a customer: Greyfriars Autoparts. See CA, p.81
Courtesy Stuart Summers
Midland Tar Distillers 1954
Aerial shot of the Primary Distillation Works in Oldbury in 1954. Their distinctive logo has also been used on Greco
©Stuart Summers
Baden-Powell 1957 Dish
Dish, 4.5" on Opal Flashed glass commemorating the centenary of Baden-Powell's birth in 1957
©Stuart Summers
St Michael, Coventry Cathedral Tray
Tray, 12.5x9.5cm, Showing the St Michael sculpture by Jacob Epstein, 1958
©Stuart Summers
Belliss & Morcom Tray
Tray, 12.5x9.5cm, Promoting Belliss & Morcom of Birmingham
©Stuart Summers
Walpamur Tray
Tray, 12.5x9.6cm, Promoting Walpamur, the Trade name of Wall Paper Manufacturers until 1965
©Stuart Summers
The Ashes Tray
Tray, 12.5x9.5cm, Commemorating The Ashes
©Stuart Summers
INA Olive Tray
Olive Tray Promoting INA Needle Bearings of Llannelli
©Stuart Summers
Owen Owen Tray
Tray, 12.5x9.5cm, Commemorating the Centenary of the Owen Owen Department Store chain in 1968
©Stuart Summers
Coleshill Tray
Tray, 12.5x9.5cm, Showing SS Peter & Paul's Church, Coleshill, Warks
©Stuart Summers
Lewis's Tray
Tray, 12.5x9.5cm, showing Lewis's Department store in Birmingham and commemorates the Sales Managers Centenary Dinner in 1956. Almost certainly by Chance
©Stuart Summers
Swirl with Rotax logo
Swirl was a very popular design for adding company logos.
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