Unknown Patterns & Shapes

Sometimes glassware appears that should be by Chance Brothers, but other factors point in a different direction. These are all plonked in the 'Unknown' pile until a reliable identification can be established.

Lace: Chromkrystall label
Lace pattern plate; Chromkrystall label: a Norwegian company. Chance may have supplied the stock and it was re-badged.
Red Lace with Greco Border
Lace pattern tray in red, different to the Chance 'Russet'. The anomaly here is that it has the border used on Greco items. Possibly a hybrid, or another manufacturer.
Textured plate, gilt highlights
A strange textured plate with gilt highlights. Has the hallmarks of Chance, except for the size and thickness of the glass.
Textured plate, gilt highlights
<< See left. Close up of the gilt highlight
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